About You

Because you have taken the time to visit us, it seems likely you are taking your sight more seriously than many. You may well be pursuing an indoor passion or doing something which makes you realise you can’t see as well indoors as outdoors, or as well as you used to be able to see. You want to make the most of your time.

Our typical customer is doing something ‘serious’- hence our name. They are Actors, Authors, Doctors, Surgeons, Professors, Authors, Politicians, Judges, or Royalty but are mostly those amongst us who love to read, sew, knit, collect stamps, play music or do jigsaws. So, you are probably up to something interesting.

That said, the chances are that you won’t have clocked just quite how important light is to your sight nor how it impacts your sleep and wellbeing. The human race has sleep-walked into serious sight, sleep and wellness problems since moving indoors under poor artificial light. We know you won’t fully believe this until you have seen it for yourself. We encourage you to google ‘myopia epidemic’, ‘blue light damage’ or ‘light and sleep’ to inform yourself.

Those determined to believe that all light is the same and to deny that changing it can make a serious transformative difference are probably in the wrong place, but nonetheless welcome.