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Fed up Straining to See Detail? 

Have you had enough of struggling to see detail in comfort? Ignoring this problem will only make it worse. It just becomes more frustrating. Your optician will explain that reading glasses will help up to a point, but better light can solve the problem instantly and painlessly. 

The Compact Light makes it easier for you to concentrate and see detail in comfort.

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All Sight is Light

Did you know the main reason so many of us now suffer with blurred vision, eyestrain and tiredness headaches? Our eyes have evolved over millions of years under the sun, but we now live mostly indoors. The make-up of artificial indoor light is fundamentally different to sunlight.

This is why we have made it our focus to help you see more clearly by shedding better light.

To understand what this might mean for you, why not take the 7 question, 3 minute free Light and Sight Quiz and get a personal light prescription?

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Lady Stuggling to see in poor lighting

Light Matters

Artificial light affects all of us, day-in, day-out. It passes into our bodies unchecked through our eyes and skin. The research base now clearly points to this being the cause of several life-changing problems.

Since mankind moved indoors, eyestrain has rocketed, sleep deprivation has become a western-world epidemic and we are now losing our sight at an accelerating rate.

Better light is a simple, non-invasive, painless solution to this problem.

High Definition Light Spectrum Graph

Serious About Light

Nobody is more serious about light than us.

Low fidelity artificial light makes colours appear bland and reduces contrast, not at all helpful if you are applying make-up, doing a jigsaw or reading a book.

We are all soaked in artificial light because we spend as much as 90% of our lives indoors. The Compact Light is small, lightweight, fully flexible and delivers precision bright natural beam control.

Competitor Lights

Cheap Light

Go outside and daylight is free, but when our Founder Alex went looking for an equivalent indoor light for his mum, he could only find cheap artificial low fidelity lights. This is why he built our first ever home light and how Serious got going over 35 years ago. 

It is true that Serious Lights are built to last from high quality parts, and to look good, but our primary focus is shedding a better quality light beam. This is what matters most and makes the big difference.

Recreating the sun inside a reading lamp is a complex technical challenge which we have been striving to master for 35 years. All light is not created equal.

  • Mr McGregor: Kent

    "These lamps are not cheap, but they are probably the best you can buy. As a reader and hobbyist, the pure light that they give is a joy."

  • Mr Ross: Bridlington

    "I was put off by the price for years. It's worth every penny. I wish I'd bought one years ago.”

  • Mrs Gow: Lanarkshire

    "I thought my old lamp with a 'daylight' bulb was good, but your lamp is so much better. It is an absolute godsend."

  • A Serious Guarantee

    Try your light at home for 30 days in your own space and judge it fully for yourself. Discover why 98 in every 100 people love it. If you don’t, we will take it back and credit you in full, no matter what.

  • Price Promise

    Serious lights are tools built for transforming lives by shedding better light. Only 100 are manufactured each day. We are the manufacturer. There is no middleman. You cannot buy the same item cheaper somewhere else.

  • Hassle-Free Trial

    Open the box, plug-in the light and turn it on. No tools or assembly needed. Try it. Love it and keep it, or stick the free returns label onto the box and send it back to us for an immediate full refund.

Don't Take Our Word For It


How do I know it will work for me?

You won’t, until you try one. Nobody can guarantee to please ‘all the people all of the time’. What we can say is that, of every 100 people who try a Serious Light, 98 want to keep it. You can pick from thousands of independent customer reviews here.

The 30-day risk-free trial is deliberately designed to trust you to be the judge yourself. You can cut through any marketing hype. Try the light at home and put it through its paces. If you don’t love it, we will refund you every penny, including any delivery and collection charges. It costs you nothing to try. (UK mainland).

Do I really need one?

Probably, but who knows until you try one and decide for yourself? Eyestrain is most often caused by low fidelity light at times when we strain to focus on detail. Check your Light and Sight needs here.

You might notice it when reading a book, threading a needle, or staring at your computer. Close work places your visual system under heightened stress and increased pressure to perform.

This problem is not going to go away so why suffer for years? Not sure?

High-definition light projects the full spectrum of colours, each in the amounts that our eyes expect. This makes it easier to see detail and colour.

Why haven’t I noticed this before?

For thousands of generations there was only ever natural light. Our eyes had no need to evolve to protect us from artificial light. Edison patented the light bulb in 1879, which was just 150 years ago. This is why the naked eye cannot tell one light mix from another. We can notice brightness and the colour of light because they help our brains differentiate between midday and dusk, but that’s about it.

The naked eye cannot discern the significant differences in the spectral make-ups between different light sources. Evolution has not had time to adjust for artificial light.

Can the solution really be this simple?

Yes. All sight is light. Not only does it do the job well but it’s an instant, non-invasive, painless solution to a frustrating problem.

Customer reviews often comment that a Serious Light ‘does what it says on the tin’. Very often readers and hobbyists report no longer needing to balance reading glasses on the ends of their noses, which can be so frustrating.

What about delivery and returns?

Your Compact Light will be delivered by Royal Mail 48-hour delivery service. Unlike other Serious Lights built to meet specific personal requirements, this entry model is available from stock and will be despatched within 24 hours of your order.

If you find yourself amongst the one in 50 people who don’t love it, all you need do is stick the returns label onto the box and your Postie will bring it back to us. As soon as we get it back, we will refund you everything you paid. Visit to see the full range of Serious Lights from £100-£500.

What else will I need?

Nothing. Your light will arrive fully built with the bulb already installed and ready to plug in and enjoy the benefits straight away. It will be delivered in a small box. The packaging has been designed for easy opening and repacking. No tools are needed. There is no assembly required.

What about replacement bulbs?

Your light will be pre-fitted with a powerful 5W LED bulb built to our design, with a high fidelity spectral power distribution without the usual damaging blue light spike. The bulb is guaranteed for one year and built to last. It is easy to replace, so your light is future-proofed and need not be disposed at end of life into landfill.

The Compact Light has been deliberately designed to incorporate standard bulb fittings so you can use cheap bulbs if you wish to do so.

What if I have an eye condition?

If you have low vision or suffer a condition such as cataracts or macular degeneration, the Compact Light will help more than normal lights but we recommend you consider our High Definition Light which has been created specifically with the particular problems of low vision in mind.

The investment is more but the reviews make it very clear that this light can make a life changing difference.

The Light in action

  • Close up of the Head - Compact Light

    True colour LEDs

    Experience indoor life in true colour under a carefully calibrated high performance focussed light beam.

  • Close up of Flexible Arm

    Fully flexible arm

    The strong fully flexible arm is guaranteed for life. It means you can light up exactly what you want to see.

  • Compact Light closeup of the base


    This light is deliberately small and lightweight so you can place it exactly where it's needed most.

  • Close up of Iris

    Light and Vision

    Learn how changing your light literally changes what you see.

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  • The light can be used for Arts & Crafts

    Light and Colour

    What difference does light make to the colours you see?

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  • Man struggling with eyestrain

    Light and Wellness

    How is poor light related to eye strain, eye conditions and wellness?

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